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Keep it Coastal and support local businesses. Order your favourites online now or redeem them once New Zealand lifts to Alert Level 2.


Right now New Zealand is at Alert Level 2 following the COVID-19 outbreak.

This means that businesses are now open, but physical distancing is still required.

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Keep it Coastal, support local.

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Coasters are proud of our Untamed Natural Wilderness, so now's the time to get ready to explore our own backyard.

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Download our Keep It Coastal decal pack and use them on social media, your website or print them out for your shop or business window!

This webpage has been set up to help West Coast businesses during the period of the COVID-19 virus. Any transactions made with the businesses listed on these pages are between the customer and business adhering to their terms and conditions. Development West Coast is not liable for any loss that may occur.