Tourism Recovery & Re-Set Kickstart Plan

About the plan:

The government’s recent $200m Tourism Communities: Support, Recovery and Re-set Plan targeted 5 communities and the national tourism system. It provided support for those communities and encouraged the tourism sector’s transformation in the long-term.

The 3 Business initiatives targeted tourism businesses in the 5 communities most affected by the loss of international tourism: Queenstown Lakes, Southland, Kaikoura, Mackenzie and Westland Districts.

The 3 business initiatives were:

  • $10 million Business Advisory Support (up to $5,000 per business operation) to enable businesses to receive expert advice and support, such as on changing target markets, or scaling their business.
  • $10 million in grants for businesses to implement business advice (up to $5,000 per business operation).
  • $49 million Tourism Kick-start Fund, to contribute towards existing tourism businesses scaling back up for the return of international visitors ($10,000 to $50,000 per business operation).

Development West Coast was the Lead Entity for delivery of the 3 business initiatives in the Westland District.

Funding approved in the Westland District (Westland Rateable District)

Business Advisory Support

The Business Advisory Support was available for eligible businesses up to a maximum of $5,000 per business operation (excluding GST).

The objective of the Business Advisory Support was to support long term outcomes for businesses. This includes helping businesses to make hard decisions to navigate and manage an uncertain long-term global and domestic outlook.

Tourism business advisory 1

Business Advice Implementation Grant

The Business Advice Implementation Grant was available for eligible businesses up to a maximum of $5000 per business operation (excluding GST).

This grant was intended to support businesses to implement advice they have received through the Business Advisory Support initiative or a satisfactory alternative provider.

tourism allocation 2

Tourism Kick-Start Fund

Alongside the Business Advisory Support initiative and Business Advice Implementation Grant, the Government made wider support available through the Tourism Kick-start Fund ($49 million) to help tourism businesses in the 5 South Island communities prepare for the return of international visitors.

The Tourism Kick-start Fund was available for eligible businesses and was between $10,000 and $50,000 per business operation (excluding GST).

This grant was a contribution to increasing businesses’ levels of service in preparation for the return of international visitors. The grant amount was calculated based on 2 weeks of pre-COVID-19 revenue, set at 2 weeks of annual revenue for either the 2018/19 OR 2019/20 financial year.

tourism plan allocation 3

More information including recipient details are available on MBIE’s website HERE

“The Kickstarter grant was a real lifeline; it provided much needed capital allowing us to get our business back on track for a busy season after two years of minimal income. We would have struggled to prepare without this support. We were truly grateful for the opportunity to apply and be accepted.”

Nicola Ludwig (Johnston), Haast Beach Motel & Haast Beach Store

“Without the Kickstarter funding many businesses in the region would have closed permanently last winter.”

Logan Skinner, Orange Sheep Campervan Park, and Franz Josef Accommodation

"An Invaluable service that helped our business survive in a time of unprecedented difficulty."

Danny Morrison, Kahere Retreat

“Covid wasn’t going to kick us to the kerb. With Development West Coast assistance, we kicked butt and are now still kicking along nicely.”

Sue-Ellen Bowden, Rimu Lodge

“Development West Coast have been extremely supportive in securing Kickstarter funding for the Rainforest Retreat business. Their team couldn’t have been more helpful.”

Mike Warren

"Development West Coast - Fabulous, Friendly, Efficient, Helpful and Kind!!!! Your service was life saving during the hard times with Covid!!"

Caroline Parker, Traditional Jade

“The flood gates have well and truly opened, we're getting busier by the day. It's certainly made it easier for me to sleep at night knowing that certain things are covered.”

Cathy Pennington – Whataroa Nature Lodge

“Wouldn't have made it through without it! Given an injection of hope for the future of our business. A lifeline for our business at a time when we felt like we were drowning.”

Carla Brown – Hunting Downunder