Visitor Demand Mapping

Development West Coast has developed a tool that indicates the current demand at a specific moment in time for the upcoming 45 day period. Market demand is a predictive tool that provides a general sense of what is the anticipated consumer demand for a specific region. It should be interpreted as an indicator of how many people have booked and how many people are currently considering travel for a set period. The purpose is to assist local wider tourism industry to get a better sense of the forward outlook, to make decisions, plan and optimise their operations.

Weekly updates to be posted on this page.


Strong positioning mainly due to displacements and contractors in the region further to floods last year.

These upcoming 45 days show an average market demand at 78% which is quite strong.

Compared to 7 days ago:

- Average increase of +8.13% until 21/06.

- Strong performance over Queens Birthday weekend peaking at 94% over Saturday / Sunday.

Greymouth & Hokitika:

Still a strong performance averaging at 78.3% throughout this period despite some movements in market demand.

Compared to 7 days ago:

21 May is showing a very strong demand of 94.44% due to The Cancer Society Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari 2022 being SOLD out.

Significant drop in market demand as follows: -14% on 20/05 and -12% on 28/05.

Average increase of +9% until 21/06.

Glacier Country:

Holding an average 72% market demand for these next 6 weeks

Compared to 7 days ago:

Average increase of +12.45% until 21/06.

Queen's Birthday weekend and Matariki weekend are starting to show signs of interest.