Tourism NZ - Spring Campaign

Tourism New Zealand - Spring campaign

  • Kick off:                1 August 2022
  • Ends:                     31 October 2022
  • Target:                  Australia and New Zealand key demographics and mindsets that are considering travel this spring.

Tourism New Zealand is launching spring campaign activity in both New Zealand and Australia, and you can submit one deal to participate in both markets' activity.

Both markets will be targeting key demographics and mindsets that are considering travel this spring.

To participate in both of these markets, you are invited to submit a spring deal, dated from 1 August to 31 October 2022 to the Tourism Business Database.

How to load a spring campaign deal to for both markets

Go to your Business in the Tourism Business Database. Click on Manage Business, then Manage Product listing and Add a new deal.

Tick the New Zealand and Australia market box. Do not tick any other market box, as deals relevant to this upcoming spring will not necessarily be relevant to long haul markets, due to booking periods being further in advance. To submit a more generic deal, relevant to long haul markets, please review the Tourism Business Database user guides(opens in new window).

Under the specific campaign drop down menu choose 'Domestic & Australia: Spring (Aug to Oct)'

dropdown menu.png

Important note on currencies for deals

Deals for New Zealand based operators are usually in NZD currency.

However, you do have the option of creating deals in other currencies (such as AUD) to better suit the target market and audience.

If you would like to add a deal for the Australian market with an AUD price, please upload two separate deals, one with Australia only selected as the market to enable the AUD option and then one for New Zealand for NZD.

BOTH deals created will need to have the campaign tag: 'Domestic & Australia: Spring (Aug to Oct)'.