Tourism NZ - Winter campaign - Escape into Winter

Tourism New Zealand - Winter campaign

  • Kick off:                16 May 2022
  • Ends:                     31 July 2022
  • Target:                  All New Zealand demographics and long-stay international holiday bookers

In winter we retreat, we hunker down. Our eyes turn inward. We don’t seek exploration, but escape. We retreat to comfort, familiarity. We can easily become locked in habit.

In winter international holidays are important ‘proper’ holidays – planned early with longer durations. Discussed early and with anticipation.

When it comes to existing domestic travel behaviour, winter gets the shortest average duration of trips of any season.

Let’s challenge the cultural idea at the heart of this relationship with Winter, make NZ the destination not the departure point.

Core objectives:

  • To Challenge New Zealand with a new idea of travel in winter, ignoring perceptions of weather, only skiing activities.
  • And Challenge the ideals, compete with the international holiday, by showcasing rich New Zealand experiences to foster a desire for longer, layered trips in New Zealand.

How can operators leverage?