Tourism on the West Coast – Market Snapshots December 2023

We have produced a series of “market snapshots” that will give operators insight into:

  • Opportunity for NZ Key markets
  • Make up of each market (FIT/ Groups / Special interest)
  • Size of current market / potential  (active considers vs. Current volume)
  • Competition from other destinations
  • Single or dual destination
  • Spend, Lof Stay, key travel component
  • Products frequently used   
  • Type of accommodation
  • Supply chain & distribution mapping (IBOs, OTA, direct)
  • Barriers to entry (like airlines)
  • Opportunities – what shoudlr regions & products do (sustainability, guided, private etc.)
  • Market segmentation – family, luxury, budget etc...
  • Success stories (which regions are most desired/visited / which products are heroes)
  • Potential partners
  • Customer journey & tourism flows (itineraries)
Market Focus - Australia
Market Focus - North America
Market Focus - China
Market Focus - Europe

Regional Toolkit

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