TECNZ’s international tourism forecast

TECNZ's latest survey give a sense of forward bookings being held for the 22-23 and 23-24 season (compared to pre-COVID bookings), recruitment levels for this season and challenges.

Some encouraging signs if bookings materialize and there’s no hiccups in the next six months. The results are supportive of TECNZ’s forecast by 30 April May 2023 (end of season) that NZ’s recovery rate might pitch between 50-60% of pre-COVID arrival levels. Note this is without the China market return until possibly Q2 or Q3 of 2023.

Markets with highest level of bookings being held are from Australia, US, Europe and UK. Over fifty per cent of respondents said recruiting staff will be an ongoing challenge until we get more Working Holiday Visa holders back into NZ which we hope will happen quickly to prepare for October 2022.

Similar trends for ITO and Allied survey results.
ITO forward bookings for 22-23 season compared to 19-20 season:

  • 52% respondents said 50% of pre-Covid bookings
  • 10% respondents said 60%
  • 7% respondents said 70%
  • 7% respondents said between 80 – 100%
  • 24% respondents said above 100% than pre Covid