Tourism New Zealand Launches China Marketing Hub

Tourism New Zealand is inviting operators interested in the China Market to register for with the China Trade Marketing Hub. The objective is to increase awareness for Tourism Operators amongst the China trade and consumer space.

About the China trade marketing hub

Download or view the below PDF for an overview of the marketing hub app and its features.

Trade Marketing Hub mini program

Further information

Files are accessible only to businesses registered in the Tourism New Zealand Operator Database. Use the email you use to access your TNZ portal

TNZ have a video & presentation deck here that will provide further information on the program.

How to Provide Assets

For operators who would like to register their product on The China Trade Marketing Hub Mini Program, please complete the following 3 steps by Wednesday, 10th Apr 2024.

Step 1: Fill out the NZ Operator submission form Excel document

Chinese is the preferred language for input, especially for columns L – N

If you cannot find a translation service in time to assist with the above, the Tourism New Zealand China team will offer a one-off complimentary translation service.

Please read the title for each column carefully. There are dropdown box options and character limits for some of the columns.

Step 2: Upload trade assets to a shareable cloud service and add the link to Column U in the Product Profile Excel document.

China market-friendly trade assets include, but are not limited to, brochures, maps, presentations, images, videos, and b-rolls.

Both English and Chinese assets are welcome, but Chinese translated assets are preferred.

You are responsible for clearing asset licensing before uploading to the cloud service (e.g. allowing global distribution for all purposes, permitting re-editing, and granting perpetual usage rights)

There is no limit to the number or size of the assets you wish to upload.

Tourism New Zealand reserves the right to select images/videos for your Points-of-Interest (POI) page on your behalf.

Step 3: Email the completed Excel document to: emma.zhou@tnz.govt.nzand

About the mini program:

The Mini Program, launched at Kiwi Link Greater China 2023, connects China-based travel sellers with up-to-date information on destination New Zealand and access to tourism trade assets. It helps the New Zealand travel industry to inform, engage and empower the Chinese travel trade to better sell New Zealand.

For operators, this is a great way for their product to reach more Chinese consumers through travel sellers.

The Mini Program has currently more than 120 New Zealand products listed on it and more than 600 registered users from Greater China. The China Trade Marketing Hub Mini Program is a mobile-friendly B2B platform curated within the Weixin (WeChat) ecosystem.