TRENZ Connect

Digital platform to connect NZ with international travel trade

TRENZ Connect is a digital marketplace where New Zealand’s leading tourism operators will be able to provide product updates and have virtual meetings with travel and tourism buyers from around the globe. 

The platform allows the international travel trade to access the details of New Zealand tourism businesses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no matter what time zone they are in.

TRENZ Connect allows eligible New Zealand tourism operators to showcase their business and products to a wide audience of international buyers, both those who have traditionally attended TRENZ and many more who have not. Businesses using the platform need to meet eligibility criteria.

TRENZ Connect will enable virtual in-market meetings, where sellers and buyers can connect in real time with scheduled appointments.

Tourism Industry Aotearoa Chief Executive Chris Roberts:

“We have looked at other virtual global trade shows, researched what has worked and what hasn’t, and done a lot of thinking around the best solution to help New Zealand operators connect with buyers now and in future,”

TIA manages TRENZ on behalf of the Tourism Industry New Zealand Trust.

“Traditional trade shows like TRENZ still have a place as nothing beats face-to-face interaction. But the pandemic has taught us that digital platforms are also a valuable way for people to connect when they are unable to travel.”

Quick training

This presentation guide which will show you how TRENZ Connect works and looks.


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The future of TRENZ

TRENZ Connect is designed to be a ‘legacy platform’, supporting future physical TRENZ events.

“Thanks to funding support from the government, the first listings on the platform will be free. We are still looking at how it will be funded in the future, but it is likely that tourism operators will need to pay a listing fee,” Mr Roberts says. to login or register your interest

FAQs for more info.