Beauty therapist discovers a new sense of community and business growth on the West Coast.

New Zealand beauty therapist Carine Wallace has discovered a new sense of community and business growth on the West Coast.

Carine Wallace moved to Westport 3 years ago after living in Hamilton and growing up in a small North Island town Ngatea.

"We moved to the West Coast as a young family trying to get into the housing market. My husband wanted to work rurally for his job as a police officer. He saw a position in Westport and applied, giving us just 24 days to move here," she explained.

In February 2021, Carine and her family made the leap, bringing their two children along and settling into their new life. Finally purchasing their first home in 2022 and reopening Carine Beauty Therapy.  

"I am privileged to have played a pivotal role in transforming the beauty therapy industry in Westport. Initially, the availability of qualified beauty therapists in Westport was limited, prompting me to establish my own successful studio from home and contribute to the growth and development of the industry in the area" Carine shares.

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Carine offers a broad range of luxury beauty therapy treatments in her salon, ranging from waxing, manicures, pedicures and facials to her advanced treatments, cosmetic tattoo, advanced skincare, Intense Pulsed Light technology hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and plasma skin tightening.
"Carine Beauty Therapy is committed to providing you with the High-Quality products & beauty treatments you deserve in the heart of Westport".


Living in Westport has offered Carine and her family the opportunity to explore the West Coast. "It's hard to say what our favourite thing to do is, as there is so much that the Westcoast has to offer. Fires on the beach with friends and family, swimming, hiking, biking, walking we have so much outdoor freedom." She says.

Reflecting on her move, Carine added, "The best advice I was ever given when we moved here was to make sure we get out of Westport from time to time and explore what the South Island has to offer. We have been on a few adventures exploring our new home and have grown such a love for the Westcoast, we can really appreciate New Zealand's beauty and all it has to offer. Although Westport is growing immensely we are also thoroughly enjoying the slower pace of living, the peace and tranquility."

When asked about the advantages of doing business on the West Coast Carine said, "Westport is a place who knows how to do community. By collaborating with fellow therapists and health technicians, we have been able to enhance the level of care and services provided to our clients, contributing to the overall development of the beauty industry in Westport. We have a lot of loyal and supportive clients and community. I love that we can all come together, support one another and we all grow together."

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