Stay at Bird's Ferry Lodge and cave rafting combo

Stay in the beautiful newly renovated Grand View Room at Birds Ferry Lodge and experience an amazing Underworld (Cave) Rafting trip with Norwest Adventures.

birds ferry

About the deal

A superb 4-hour Black Water Rafting adventure in the Paparoa National Park. Visitors are fitted out with designer wet suits, wet suit socks boots gloves and helmet at the NWA Ltd Charleston Base. A courtesy coach takes you to The Nile River Rainforest Train for transport through the primeval rain forest and towering limestone cliffs of the Nile River Canyon. Once changed, a short climb is required to enter the enormous Nile River Cave System where you meander through a calcitic paradise of stalactites and stalagmites in the upper dry levels of the cave. Down in the lower active levels of the Cave, you meet up with a slow-moving underground river on which you float in your tube using only the natural light of a simply awe-inspiring display of glow worms for navigation. You emerge from the cave into a remote and untouched world before leaving its tranquillity for the rushing bubbling waters of the low-grade Nile River Rapids.

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