Art in the Park

10am - 4pm
March 6, 2021
Grey District

A weekend of art. Artists on site.

Something for everyone. Bring the kids, friends and grandparents. A load of art both local and not so local.
Art in the Park is a vibrant, exciting festival of West Coast arts, featuring visual arts including painting, sculpture, pottery, carving, weaving, photography and objects of art - a new category. There will also be some visiting artists of note from other regions.

All artwork is for sale with the added value of an opportunity to meet and chat with the artists in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Art in the Park provides a concentrated display of talent to inspire all and supports the arts community with a high quality event, encouraging purchases and commissions.

The focus is on family and all ages are catered for. The objectives are several – to show‐case West Coast art, to facilitate the meeting of artists and the general public, to encourage the sale of art, to encourage the public to participate in art activities, and to facilitate a fun day for all.

Event location