Driftwood & Sand Festival Hokitika

26 January, 2022
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This is the 18th Year for the Driftwood & Sand Festival, on Hokitika Beach

A fabulous opportunity to get creative! Create with what the beach provides and build this wonderful outdoor art gallery! Keep on working on your art piece, just place a "work in progress" sign by it.

The Driftwood & Sand Beach Sculpture Festival, is a summer celebration of art and will be held from Wednesday 26 to Sunday 30 January 2022.

Prizes galore! All age groups! Prize giving is at 2pm on Sunday 30th January

January sees Hokitika Beach again become a hive of activity for the annual "Driftwood & Sand" beach sculpture competition. Budding artists of all ages work side by side with professionals, turning driftwood and other debris into sculptural pieces.

The beach is a rich resource for art-making materials and during the festival it becomes a gallery of weird and wonderful creations. 

Organiser Sue Asplin says that as a regular event, Driftwood & Sand is a keenly anticipated spectacle on Hokitika's summer calendar. "Everyone looks forward to it. It's a chance for the whole community as well as visitors to participate, help or simply marvel at the amazing things created."


26 January, 2022
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