Employee Sharing in the Tourism Industry

07 June, 2023
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Share your views on Employee Sharing in the Tourism Industry. Allen + Clarke Consulting are working with the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment to find out what makes employee-sharing difficult for employees and employers.

What’s it all about?

The Tourism Industry Transformation Plan (ITP) is one of eight ITPs that the New Zealand Government has committed to. The first phase of the Tourism ITP is focused on actions that can be taken to enable ‘Better Work’ in the industry. Your involvement in this engagement ensures that the views of our current tourism industry are considered and used to enable the tourism industry of the future.

What are the benefits of participating in this engagement?

This work will help the Better Work Leadership Group to determine whether it is possible or appropriate to reduce or remove the barriers to holding more than one job at a time, and therefore help reduce underutilisation and support more stable and reliable employment in New Zealand.

What to expect?

We are hosting a number of online and in-person sessions. They are intended to be easy and free flowing conversations where you can share your important insights and honest feedback about the realities of working in the tourism industry and discuss your understanding of the difficulties and challenges to employee-sharing. You do not need to have experience working for two employers or have these arrangements in place at your workplace. We would like to hear from anyone who is an employee or employer in the tourism industry.

If you are keen to participate…

We would love you to join us for a conversation either online, or in- person in the following regions. The conversations will be with two of our team members and your peers. The conversations will run for up to 60 minutes, however we value your time and appreciate any time that you are able to spare us. Drop in sessions can also be organised if you are unable to commit to a time above. Please reach out to us to discuss this further.

How do I get involved?

If you’re keen to get involved, you can register your interest for one of the conversations using the below link. If you would prefer, you can also call, text, or email us directly using the contact below. You can also get in touch with us if you’d like some more information before deciding if you’d like to get involved. How will my information be kept private? The information you tell us with be combined with what we hear from others. When we report on what we have learned about the barriers to employee-sharing, no personal or identifying information about you will be included.


Keen to hear more?

If you have any questions or would like more information,

please contact Anna Apperley

  • tourism@allenandclarke.co.nz
  • 021 226 4701


07 June, 2023
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