Employment Law 24: What do employers need to know?

22 March, 2024
Grey District
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Lane Neave employment law specialists Andrew Shaw and Gwen Drewitt will be sharing their knowledge and answering your questions on a variety of workplace law topics in this free seminar.

The Seminar will be looking at:

  • Disciplinary processes – the devil is in the detail!
    They will delve into some of the detail, including: When can you suspend? Do you have to undertake an investigation every time? What is the difference between performance and misconduct? What do you do if you receive a medical certificate or a representative is unavailable? How bad does the behaviour have to be to justify terminating for serious misconduct?
  • Restructuring and redundancies – is this the year?
    They will cover what you will need to justify a legitimate restructuring process that may result in redundancies, looking at both when jobs are superfluous to the business and when there are proposed material changes to a role. They will provide practical advice to protect your business in one of the more litigated areas of employment law.
  • 100 days and beyond
    Late 2023 saw a flurry of employment law activity following the change in Government. Fair Pay Agreements out, trial periods for all in, Holidays Act changes – who knows? They will run through where the country is at and where we are going from an employment law perspective.

About Andrew
Andrew is Lane Neave’s Managing Partner and leads the nationwide Employment Law Team. He has been involved in employment and health & safety law for over three decades. Andrew’s extensive experience in these areas includes bespoke document drafting, strategic advice, and representation in mediations and the Authority/Court.

About Gwen
Gwen is a Special Counsel in the Christchurch employment law team. She is a specialist employment lawyer with expertise in drafting bespoke documents, mediations and Authority/Court hearings.

Date: Friday 22 March 2024
Time: 9.00am-11.00am
Venue: Ashley Hotel, 74 Tasman Street, Greymouth 7805

Cost: There is no charge to attend, but places are limited, so you will need to register early to avoid disappointment.


22 March, 2024
Grey District
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Ashley Hotel, 74 Tasman Street, Greymouth 7805