Hauora Coaching - Lead Forward 10 week course

01 February, 2022
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This course is designed for business owners, senior managers & leaders responsible for the health, safety & wellbeing of the people within their organisation.

Take this unique opportunity to step away from work, technology and family commitments to work on rediscovering yourself and your values, to enhance your ability to lead from a space of decisiveness and dependability.

Worksafe estimates there are 5,000-6,000 hospitalisations in New Zealand each year due to work-related ill-health. Research confirms that employees who engage in healthy behaviours are most likely to live healthy and productive lives.

Through the Lead Forward 10 week course participants will learn how to identify risks and opportunities so that they can then develop a workplace wellness strategy as well as implement plans for themselves and their team.

This is a group training service that includes individual follow up coaching. The course is predominantly offered via zoom however there is the option for in person sessions when arranged prior.

More information: https://www.hauoracoaching.com/lead-forward

Price: $4224pp Exl GST

Enquire now to secure your space for the 2022 cohort. Check this offering out on our website or contact Astiana Astiana Trouland 027 237 5300 connect@hauoracoaching.co.nz

Hauora Lead Forward Course information:

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01 February, 2022
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