Marahau Wāhine Retreat

19 November, 2021
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A wild weekend of welcoming all wāhine home to their bodies. As daylight grows and spring starts to flow into summertime vibes we gather under the stars. Join us in retreat as we support you in returning to the wants, desires and dreams of your wild wāhine nature. Through the cultivation of creativity, collaboration and conscious movement we intend to celebrate what has been and nurture what is brewing in your dreams. Our intention is to create a safe place for you to release in remembrance of your wild wāhine nature by enhancing the possibility and potential that permeates within.

A weekend welcoming you home to your potent potential...

Join us wāhine as we retreat together to experience a deeper connection to your own mind, body + soul. By gathering together we create a safe and secure container for you to arrive as you are. Honouring you, your journey and your vision for the future. During the course of the weekend, we provide time + space for you to consciously create a life that you so desire. By letting go of anything that has been keeping you from accessing your full potential you allow more space for "new" to enter. Redefining what it means to be your wild wāhine.

Precisely placed workshops, solo sessions and time in nature are available to ensure you are supported as the full spectrum woman you were born to be. By leaning into the wild unknown begin trusting your intuition to develop a deeper connection to your own wants, needs and desires.

This retreat is for you if you want to:

  • Experience the power of YOUR wild woman
  • Release old ways of working, loving + living
  • Connect with likeminded wāhine
  • Relax into your body + being

Learn tools + techniques to:

  • Enhance your ability to receive
  • Increase pleasure within your life
  • Explore sensations of play
  • Strengthen your connection to money, magic + manifestation

If this feels like a full-body "YES" then join us, dancing our way in devotion to the divine feminine within.

19 November, 2021
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14 Harvey Road, Mārahau 7197, New Zealand