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27 October, 2021
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Calling all West Coast farmers!

Agritourism is a growing industry worldwide and there is plenty of opportunity on the West Coast for agriculture businesses to diversify into the agritourism sector.

This workshop is an interactive and informative complimentary two-hour workshop for farmers to learn about the opportunities to diversify into the tourism sector.

A survey looking into the attitudes towards food and farming, conducted at New Zealand’s inaugural national Open Farms day in 2020, showed that visiting a farm builds urban-rural trust and support for sustainable farming.

Topics covered:

  • Agritourism opportunities and trends
  • How to increase revenue from your agritourism venture
  • Five keys to agritourism business success


Marijke is the founder of Agritourism NZ and one of New Zealand’s leading tourism marketing consultants with 23 years of (agri)tourism experience. Agritourisn NZ works with organisations in tourism and agriculture and conducts research projects related to agritourism.

This workshop is an introduction to the concept and opportunities in the agritourism sector. Marijke also facilitates the Agritourism Success Programme which is an accelerated six-month course for NZ farmers that are interested in diversifying into tourism.

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If you have any questions regarding attending this workshop, please feel free to contact Marijke on 021 456 451 or info@agritourism.nz

Please note: If we are in Level 3 or above, this workshop will be delivered as a webinar.

27 October, 2021
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