11 November, 2023
Grey District
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A two-hour comedy showcase of some top Kiwi talent, right in the heart of the Greymouth (R18).

A two-hour comedy showcase of some top Kiwi talent, right in the heart of the Greymouth!

Featuring headline act Chris Parker

The self proclaimed People's Princess of Aotearoa, Chris Parker is most commonly known for his funny Instagram videos, legendary win on New Zealand Celebrity Treasure Island.

As a comedian and writer Chris has been seen on 7 Days, Have You Been Paying Attention, Jono and Ben, Funny Girls and the sitcom Golden Boy.

In 2018 Chris was awarded the Fred Award for best show in the New Zealand International Comedy Festival for his show Camp Binch, which then toured to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it played to sell out crowds and given 5 star reviews.

With MC Justine Smith

Justine has previously won the Billy T Award, and the NZ Comedy Guild Best Female Comedian. A popular Comedy Festival performer, her solo shows: ‘The Justine Smith Hour’, ‘Return Of The Jussi’ and ‘Jussi Town’ have garnered critical acclaim.

She’s regularly recognised for her appearances on everything from the Comedy Gala and AotearoHA to her memorable appearances on TV3’s After Hours and Funny Girls, as well as a regular panelist on TV3’s 7 Days and a writer on Rhys Darby’s Short Poppies.

A leading light of New Zealand Comedy, Justine is as comfortable performing in a theatre as she is in your local bar, anywhere in the country.

Simply one of our best.

And feature act El Jaguar

Canadian comedy act El Jaguar is coming to The Classic, to wrestle his way into hilarity. From Canada, to New Zealand, and throughout Australia, El Jaguar is making a name for himself on the comedy scene using only his fast wits and tight lycra.

From the dusty streets of Guadalajara, rising triumphant as the Mexican luchador everyone wanted to be in the World Wrestling Federation circa 1990, then into obscurity: El Jaguar is making a comeback… and it’s going to be hilarious.

Join El Jaguar on a roller coaster ride of average-ness, through the sad back alleys of regret, and crashing into the punishing pillows of self doubt.

He is a luchador who only wrestles with the ghosts of long ago glory.

11 November, 2023
Grey District
From $25
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