TNZ Webinar: International Consumer Insights and How to Make the Most of This Summer

23 November, 2023

Join TNZ for a deep dive into international consumer interests and behaviours, including top preference drivers, what consumers are looking to do and see, and what they expect from a visitor experience perspective.

The webinar will also cover what can the industry do to influence behaviour and enhance the visitor experience this summer and beyond, and how to work with Tourism New Zealand to maximise the contribution of visitors.


  • Brendan Downey-ParishGeneral Manager Insights, Performance and Technology
  • Bjoern SpreitzerGeneral Manager, New Zealand and Business Events

Please note: this webinar is for industry.

For media, please contact the corporate communications team(opens in new window) if you'd like to speak to Tourism New Zealand about this topic.


23 November, 2023


This event is online only