Tourism New Zealand International webinar series - Global Overview

07 December, 2021
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Tourism New Zealand is running a series of regular webinars. These include providing you with the latest insights about consumers and how to attract them, Tourism New Zealand activity so you know what they are up to and how you can leverage their work and also the support that is on offer. From time to time we'll also be bringing in external experts on relevant topics.

Over the coming months, tourism businesses are invited to join Tourism New Zealand international teams to hear the latest market insights.

What trends are they seeing as borders open? How has travel behaviour changed? How can you use this insight to prepare for reconnecting with the world?

With global borders opening, TNZ international team will provide insights into travel demand, behaviour, competitor activity and distribution channels.


  • Gregg Wafelbakker, General Manager International
  • Andrew Waddel, General Manager Australia
  • Sarah Handley, General Manager Americas & Europe
  • Vanessa Chen, Regional Marketing Manager Asia
07 December, 2021
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