Ute Muster

March 30, 2018
Hokitika - Cool Little Town

Two full days of ute activities in Hokitika on Easter Weekend with an option for attendees to extend their weekend through to the Grey/Buller region for a further two days.


This whole journey began when a Hokitika local, who’d seen ute musters in Australia, thought that Hokitika would be a good place to hold one. He’d noticed lots of utes in Westland and reckoned if you picked three blokes at random out of a crowd, at least one if not all of them would own a ute!

A small ute muster event was still in the planning stages when a very wet spell of unseasonal weather at the beginning of January caused the Kumara and Hokitika races to be called off. The Ute Muster organisers quickly realised that this would be an ideal event to help local community groups, keeping their coffers full through fundraising after the race day cancellations. So we approached the Westland Racing club to use their race course as a venue for ute lovers to gather, camp, listen to bands and enjoy the hospitality that the West Coast is renowned for.

The event will be held on Easter Weekend for two full days of ute activities in Hokitika and all things ute-related with an option for attendees to extend their weekend through to the Grey/Buller region for a further 2 days!

Lots of prizes on offer including $10,000 for Best Ute of the Muster!

Proposed Activities at Hokitika

  • Time Trials at Hokitika Airport.
  • Open Day at Westland Industrial Heritage Park.
  • Dinner at Westland Industrial Heritage Park.
  • Ute Movies at Hokitika’s Regent Theatre.
  • Street Parade.
  • Show and Shine.
  • Trade stalls.
  • Mud Plug.
  • Drag Races (Drag a Heavy Thing with your ute. Drag a ute on a rope. Both timed events).
  • Pick your ring (Driving a ute, collect different coloured quoits with a broom handle).
  • Egg and Spoon race (person with egg and spoon on ute deck).
  • Obstacle course.
  • Trailer reversing.
  • Speed parking.

Why Support This Event?

Did you miss out on being involved in the first Wild Foods Festival 29 years ago? This event involves many of the same people and groups who grew it to over 22,000 attendees. Here’s your chance to gain exposure with the first ever South Island Ute Muster, which we believe will become a huge iconic event in years to come.


Email: musterer@utemuster.co.nz

Facebook: facebook.com/The-South-Island-Ute-Muster-496532214037583/

Website: www.utemuster.co.nz

Ute Muster 2018

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