Webinar: Introduction to starting a food & beverage business

25 July, 2022
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The first module in the Jumpstart series will introduce the key requirements for a food and beverage business.

Event description

Jumpstart is a brand new series of online webinars designed specifically to give entrepreneurs the essential knowledge needed to start a successful food or beverage business.

Held over 6 months, the series consists of ten individual two-hour modules. Details and a timetable for the other webinars can be found here.

The series will be hosted by The FoodBowl and presented by John Evans and Sam Borgfeldt who are principals of Beverage and Food Gurus (BFGs) and have extensive experience in the food and beverage industry in both start-ups and corporates. Additional specialist subject matter experts will also be brought in to provide content throughout the series. 

Module 1: Introduction to Starting a Food or Beverage Business

This first module in the series will focus on introducing the key requirements for a food and beverage business including:

  • The typical process for a food and beverage product from idea to launch
  • Costs involved for the process and time involved each step of the way
  • Overview of technical elements of food and beverage product development
  • Overview of packaging and food safety elements
  • Overview of product costings and margin expectations

About Beverage and Food Gurus: Beverage and Food Gurus (BFGS) is an independent food and beverage technical consultancy with a dedicated product development laboratory located in Auckland. BFGs provide unparalleled expertise in product development, business advice, coaching, technical, operations and strategic areas of food and beverage. Presenters John Evans and Sam Borgfeldt have been responsible for the development and launch of numerous products and businesses both in NZ and overseas. They are passionate about sharing their expertise and have a unique set of skills which allows them to understand how to take a product from concept through to successful commercialisation.

About The FoodBowl: The FoodBowl is part of the New Zealand Food Innovation Network which provides facilities, advice and connections for ambitious companies of all sizes who wish to develop and commercialise in Food and Beverage.  Al Baxter (Business Development Manager of The FoodBowl) will help host and facilitate the webinars alongside the presenters.

  • DATE: 25 July
  • TIME: 3:30 - 5:30pm
  • PRICE: $100 + GST
25 July, 2022
$100 + GST
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