Workplace Wellness

28 April, 2023
Grey District
$55 per person
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Workplace Wellness is essential for all businesses who prioritise their people, join us to discover what that looks like for your workplace and team.

Our three-hour workplace wellness workshop is designed for business owners, senior managers & leaders responsible for the health, safety & well-being of the people within their company or organisation.

Through each workshop we will help you identify:

  • Processes, procedures and practices to ensure your people remain a priority
  • A holistic way to plan for personal and professional wellness
  • Tools & techniques that help you reduce stress, anxiety, RSI and brain fog

Each session is needs-specific to the details you share via the questions on the registration. Allowing us to create a tailored delivery to optimise your wellness as a whole. Ideal for those who have a monthly toolbox meeting, have experienced sickness within the workplace, loss of staff and/or brain fog due to extended burnout.

Given rates of anxiety, stress and sickness are at an ultimate high, it is our priority to hold these workshops for you to explore a sustainable approach to wellness at work and experience a better way of doing business.

About your facilitator:

Astiana Trouland is a business coach who specialises in workplace wellness. Born and raised on the Wild West Coast she holds the people within this place close to her heart and intends to provide a space monthly for as many local Coasters as she can. In support of reducing stress rates West Coast-wide, designing wellness at work and sharing her story of entrepreneurship, burnout and business development.

Since 2021 Astiana Trouland has been registered as a Mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand. This is one of the ways Asti gives back to the business community. Asti supports business owners and managers that are looking for support to create wellness at work and within their own lives.

Please do reach out if you have any questions.


28 April, 2023
Grey District
$55 per person
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