DWC feedback survey shows solid increase in satisfaction levels

23 April 2023
Development West Coast
Results from Development West Coast's 2023 client feedback survey show a solid increase in satisfaction levels with DWC's services compared to previous years.

The annual survey took place between March 22 and April 5, with the results showing a substantial improvement in DWC's Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS, a widely recognized metric for evaluating the likelihood of clients recommending a company to others, has seen a steady increase for DWC over the past four years. DWC’s NPS has tracked from -25 in 2020, -1 in 2021, +13 in 2022, to a NPS of +21 in 2023.

This year’s survey, which assesses DWC's performance and identifies areas for improvement, received 195 responses, up from 157 in 2022.

Chief executive Heath Milne said it’s pleasing to see a positive shift in perceptions of DWC but acknowledged there is still considerable room to improve.

“Over the past year, DWC staff have engaged with hundreds of local businesses. This has included 70 new businesses signing up to the Regional Business Partner Network through DWC.

“In that time, over 200 businesses accessed $790k of tourism communities SRR advisory and implementation funding, 18 businesses accessed over $38k in management capability co-funding support, and the team delivered over $2.5m of Government’s Tourism Kick-start funding to 89 businesses.”

He noted that businesses were also matched with mentors, R&D support, commercial finance and various other business support services. Additionally, DWC has actively promoted the region, securing around 200 national and international media stories that showcase the West Coast as a great place to live, work, do business, and visit.

“This has been an outstanding effort from team, who have been working with many more businesses and organisations. But we are conscious there’s always room to improve.

The next client feedback survey is scheduled for March 2024.

“We are grateful for the valuable feedback people have given through the survey and will be taking your input into account to ensure we can better serve the West Coast community.”

Heath Milne, DWC chief executive

DWC's Net Promoter Score


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