DWC seeks feedback from local businesses

16 March 2022
Development West Coast
Development West Coast is undertaking its annual survey to gain a better understanding of how it can improve its services for West Coast businesses.

“Over the past year DWC has engaged with around 600 local businesses, and we want to hear their candid and con­structive feedback,” chief executive Heath Milne said.

DWC has directly invested around $164.6 million into the region’s economy since being established in 2001 with an initial fund of $92 million from the Government.

“This has been achieved without running the fund down - so we can continue investing in the region and helping local business­es.

“Despite criticism over the years, DWC has achieved a lot for the region but we also recognise that we could be doing more to unleash the full business potential of the West Coast.

“Coasters are genuinely interested in DWC and are very willing to share their views, which I am grateful for.

“This is our third time undertaking the survey, and the feedback we have received has been incredibly valuable.

“The survey will focus on DWC’s performance over the past year and how the organisation can improve. It will take only a few minutes of your time, but will help us to better help the region,” Mr Milne said.

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