DWC's annual client satisfaction survey

01 April 2022
Development West Coast
Results from Development West Coast’s 2022 client feedback survey show a significant rise in satisfaction levels with DWC’s services compared to previous years.

DWC’s Net Promoter Score has risen from -25 in 2020, -1 in 2021, to +13 in 2022, according to the annual survey.

The survey conducted between 15-21 March focused on DWC’s performance over the past year and how the organisation can improve. The survey received 157 responses, compared to 131 in 2021.

Chief executive Heath Milne said it is pleasing to see perceptions of DWC improving but acknowledged there is still room to improve.

“Over the past year, DWC staff have engaged with hundreds of local businesses. This has included 90 new businesses signing up to the Regional Business Partner Network through DWC.

“260 businesses accessed $770k of COVID-19 business advisory and tourism transition funding, 125 businesses accessed $346k of tourism communities SRR advisory and implementation funding, and 34 businesses accessed over $59k in management capability co-funding support.

“Businesses have also been matched with mentors, R&D support, commercial finance and a range of other business support services.

“DWC has also increased its financial distribution to the West Coast Community Trust, established Buller Flood Support and Glacier Country Business Support packages, introduced West Coast Tertiary Scholarships, as well as facilitating the development of a new regional economic strategy.

“Engaging with so many more businesses and organisations has put a lot of pressure on the team who have been coping with a much higher workload. It’s been an outstanding effort although we are conscious there is always room to improve.

“We greatly appreciate the input people have given through the survey and will be taking the feedback received into account to ensure we can better serve the West Coast community.”

The next survey will be completed in March 2023.

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DWC's net promoter score (NPS)

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