Important Notice

Jim Little
Feb. 19, 2018

Storm Warning West Coast South Island

With the pending arrival of cyclone GITA from Tuesday afternoon through to Wednesday evening Tourism West Coast issues the following advice.

Avoid driving through remote areas during this time and remain stationary and out of the wind in towns and service centres until the storm has passed.

There is a high danger of falling trees and flying debris.

Do not park at sea level coastal places, and all vehicles should remain stationary and out of the wind during the peak storm period as high winds will make driving extremely dangerous.

After the storm has passed through check for any road closures, also access West Coast New Zealand Facebook page for Fulton Hogan updates.

Check for Civil Defence updates via and West Coast Regional Council

Tourism West Coast provides this information only as a precautionary measure with visitors to our region safety in mind.

Check News media like and for updates.

Jim Little

Jim Little CEO Tourism West Coast