Australian Campaign 2018

This is the biggest ever marketing campaign targeting the Australian Market and has potential to provide a significant economic boost to our region. Last year a similar campaign was trialed in Northland, which achieved measured growth of around 11%.

Operator User Guide 

About the Campaign

  • An opportunity to maximise your Australian business as part of the huge West Coast campaign in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
  • Runs for 12 weeks beginning on the 8th of January 2018 and will target independent professionals planning travel between April and May
  • Will utilise Outdoor Advertising, Billboards, Video, Facebook uTube & Video, featuring experiences of our 6 major attraction icons on our West Coast. (These have already been filmed) 
  • The initiative is built around the concept of --> Dream --> Plan --> Book

Get Involved

You are invited, at no cost to you (apart from your time) to leverage off this plan. 
Participation is easy:

  • Create an Operator Business listing on the website 
  • Add a Travel Deal - either a discount or “added value package”. (I would advise the later) 
    • For example - Accommodation + Activity or add on
    • Your deal should include a link to your booking page online or to a dedicated landing page on your website
    • It is recommended that you list your deal in $AUD where possible
    • Check out additional information at for further help and instructions
  • Submit your deal
  • Deal is reviewed by TNZ before going live on the site


This is our biggest marketing opportunity to attract a very large stream of Australians to our Region ever! It's FREE, so it's simply too good to miss.


With a short entry time please don't delay, and make sure your business is featured in this campaign.

Further assistance

If you require any assistance in creating a listing on the website or putting together a package deal, please get in touch with Karen, ANWC Website Administrator,