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Statistics for the West Coast, including the Fact Book.

Lake Matheson, Glacier Country

West Coast Tourism fact book

The fact book contains statistics and facts about Tourism on the West Coast.

We will be adding new facts and figures as we receive them.

Last updated: 23 July 2019

Eco Profile West Coast region and district fact books

Tourism West Coast summary

Tai Poutini West Coast growth opportunities report - Tourism Section

Commercial Accommodation Monitor

The Commercial Accommodation Monitor (CAM) monitors trends in New Zealand's commercial accommodation sector.

Domestic Growth Insight tool

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The DGiT (Domestic Growth Insight Tool) website and online tool is the first major initiative to come out of a working group to activate domestic tourism, spearheaded by Tourism Industry Aotearoa with representatives and funding support from private and public sector tourism partners.

The insight revealed New Zealanders can be divided into eight distinct travel segments based on their domestic leisure travel habits and preferences:

  • Escape & Reward: This segment wants to escape their daily stresses and reward themselves. It can either be with friends or their partner.
  • Learn & Understand: This segment wants to discover and learn about their and others’ history and heritage.
  • Explore Nature: This segment loves exploring the outdoors to discover new places and as a way to relax.
  • Wine, Food & Music: This segment wants to indulge or reward themselves through wine, food and music.
  • Adventure & Challenge: This segment wants some excitement – to have an adventure which has an element of challenge.
  • Watching or Participating: This segment wants to share time with friends and family while doing or watching something they love – often sport related but also cultural.
  • Fun with Kids: This segment wants to bond as a family doing things together.
  • Family: This segment is going to see their family.

Development West Coast

The Economic Profile for the West Coast Region is provided by Infometrics.

The Development West Coast online economic profile is an interactive and dynamic enabling you to delve down into the underlying data and compare your region and districts to other regions and districts in New Zealand. It contains a wealth of information on the economy, labour market, standard of living, exports, tourism, business, skills, productivity and population.

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Mood of the nation

Twice-yearly since December 2015 Kantar TNS, on behalf of Tourism New Zealand and Tourism Industry Aotearoa, surveys a nationally representative sample of 500 adult New Zealanders in order to understand their perceptions of the value of international tourism, its benefits and challenges.

Tourism New Zealand country & market research