Hands On campaign

Profile your business with the Hands On campaign!

Next week we kick off our winter campaign to raise the awareness of the West Coast and your business, with domestic visitors! We call it Hands on!

What is Hands On?

Hands On is our latest consumer campaign encouraging visitors to book accommodation and activities on the Coast. A high-intensity competition drives interest and we make use of some clever retargeting to drive bookings. Our display ads will appear on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other websites through the Google Display Network.

Campaign Highlights

  • We’ve used this concept before – the last time the campaign received over 5 million views, got nearly 100,000 new website visitors, and generated more than 12,000 competition entries.
  • The campaign will target families and active independents over two periods: July and October school holidays. The goal is to prompt bookings.
  • To enter the competition, potential visitors must choose five different experiences, ensuring they get a sample of all the Coast as to offer.
  • Anyone who interacts with an ad or enters the competition will be retargeted to make a booking with West Coast businesses.

Get involved

The competition landing page will receive over 100k+ visitors during the campaign. To get your business on the page simply send us:

  • Your business name
  • Your business website
  • A high quality photo of your business
  • A short (20 word max) blurb
  • A prize you wish to include for the grand prize draw and further visibility

Please send your details to: vyv@dwc.org.nz

The Campaign is set to go live Monday so we’ll need those assets by Friday (25 June 2021) if you want to join in on the action!

Share via Social

We’d love to see the campaign get as much traction as possible. So feel free to share the campaign via social media with one of the social tiles (or make your own with our Hands On badge!).

Tag as much as possible to #WestCoastNZ #HandsOnWestCoast