To make your experience of New Zealand’s Glacier Country complete, you must see how the power of the colliding Pacific and Australian continental plates have created the awesome Alps of Westland.

$15 - $40


The global science community has unearthed many of Mother Earth’s secrets, from which a quantum leap in understanding earthquakes and our planet has been made at the Gaunt Creek Alpine Fault exposure.

The features exposed at this internationally unique site have, till now, been reserved to members of the geological science community and those studying geo nuclear science (GNS).

But now at Alpine Fault Tours we are working to satisfy the curiosity as to how the magnificent Alps were created, in a form and explanation that everyone with an interest in this amazing planet can easily understand.

We have the support of some of the world's leading geology scientists who have provided the facts to ensure participants of our tours leave with an understanding of the geological and ecological wonders of Mother Earth’s powers that will enhance the experience of the many adventures abound in New Zealand’s Glacier Country.


Whataroa Hwy, West Coast, New Zealand
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