Hokitika region walks

The Hokitika, Kumara and Ross area is packed with stunning walks that range from easy to moderate. Take in the Southern alps as you explore by foot.



Hokitika Gorge

Time: 15 minutes.

Skill level: Easy.

An awesome viewing platform is just four minutes from the car park and this part of the track is accessible for wheelchairs. Carry on further to an impressive swing-bridge and the granite rocks of the gorge's walls.

Mahinapua walkway

Time: 15 minutes or 2.5 hours one way

Skill level: Easy

The first 15 minutes from the western start of the walkway brings you to Mahinapua Creek or choose to walk further along the old tram line. Also open to mountain bikers.

Lake Mahinapu wetlands

Lake Mahinapua wetlands

Lake Kaniere walkway

Time: Four hours.

Skill level: Moderate.

Starts or ends at Sunny Bight picnic area. Passes along the western shores of the lake. Also open to mountain bikers.

Kaniere Water Race walkway

Time: 3 hours 30 minutes to 4 hours.

Skill level: Moderate.

Follows the twists and turns of an historic power station water race as it passes along the edge of the scenic reserve.

Also open to mountain bikers as part of the West Coast Wilderness Trail.

Ross Historic Goldfields walk

Time: 10 minutes – 1 hour walks.

Skill level: Easy.

A range of interesting historic goldfields walks starting from the Ross Information Centre.

Londonderry Rock Walk

Time: 10 minutes.

Skill level: Easy.

Turn off SH 73, 1km east of Kumara, a short walking track through old gold workings to view a huge boulder too large for the miners to move or break.

Tunnel Terrace walk

Time: 20 minute loop.

Skill level: Easy.

Starts on the road between Stafford and Goldsborough (15km north of Hokitika). Track meanders through old gold works and tail race tunnels.

German Gully Pack Track

Time: 30 minutes .

Skill level: Easy.

Track climbs out of the valley and emerges on the Scandinavian Hill Road passing several old gold workings.

Arahura River Cesspools Walk

Time: 2 - 3 hours

Skill level: Moderate

About an hours drive from Greymouth, or 5 km from Lake Kaniere, drive the pretty fern umbrellaed dirt road to the start of the track. You might see the Wilderness Trail cyclists departing on their journey too.

You will see that the Arahura River is known as one of the richest sources of Pounamu, if you'd like to learn more about the sacred Arahura River history then, for a unique tour experience, contact Te Rua & Sons Pounamu Trails.

The Cesspool Gorge:

By definition a cesspool is “a sewage pit or morally disgusting place”. The Cesspool Gorge on the upper Arahura River in no way resembles that definition. The Cesspool Gorge, instead, is a walk full of variety - creeks that are often flowing into waterfalls, rock climbing, dense rain forest, and eventually arriving at a fabulous swimming hole on the crystal-blue Arahura.

Making the scene even more interesting is an old-timey swing-bridge spanning the gorge—one of the older ones without wood planking, just wiring. The pool is rimmed with boulders to sun on/leap from and there are also sandy and grassy areas beside the river to picnic/sun/hang out.

Arahura valley.jpg

The Cesspool swingbridge.jpg

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