We are a private gallery nestled in the middle of the Southern Alps in Ōtira. Here we showcase world class contemporary art with pieces having recently been sent to USA, Germany and Australia.


From the artist

Thank you for your interest. The works you see are generally amongst my latest. There are also some older works that I have a stronger connection to, that have either sold or for display only.

I have been married to Di for well over 40 years. She has always supported me in my quests and I her, I hope? We have five grown children and are grandparents. We live in a small community in the South Island of New Zealand, the Southern Alps village of Otira. A place of dynamic weather, high mountains, rivers and waterfalls, native birds and animals, all the simple things we love most.

I have been an artist for a very long time, sold works through galleries and our own gallery here in Otira. My art is in a state of constant evolution. Some have stories, some are crazy, gentle, mad, kind, thoughtful, different and thats a word I hear a lot about my art, and a word I like... to be different.

is this really our land

Is this really our land

The Mask of Wonderment

The Mask of Wonderment

Look a Crown

Look a Crown


6435 Otira Hwy, Otira 7875, New Zealand
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