Sundog surf and SUPs is a gateway to view the beautiful Karamea region from the water, while riding SUPs and learning to surf. Lessons or hire, it's up to you.

$50 per person for 2 hours. Includes lessons and equipment hire.


Discover the beautiful ocean, estuaries and rivers in Karamea, while getting exercise and having fun!

SUPS - Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Stand-up paddle surfing may sound like a scene from a screwball comedy, but no one's laughing in a sports and fitness industry that has hit the recession skids as hard as any other business.

SUP, as it's called for short, looks exactly as it sounds: you stand on a large surfboard and propel yourself forward with a paddle. But, unlike traditional surfing, you don't have to wait for the waves. In fact, SUP, which is wildly popular, can be done on lakes, rivers, pools or any sufficiently large body of water.

“The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.” Phil Edwards


Tucked away in one of NZ’s last hidden magical spots far from the busy tourist routes Karamea Surf and SUPs is here to connect you with the unique beauty of north Westland’s pristine beaches, rivers and waterways. Whether it’s surfing in the ocean or stand-up paddle boarding on the rivers and estuaries we can help you find your happy place amongst this incredible environment. Learn to surf or stand-up paddle board or even discover it on your own by renting or hiring - all the gear you will need is available.


Glasseye Dr, Little Wanganui 7891, New Zealand
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