The Charleston GlowWorm Cave Tour

Take the Rainforest Train in to the Nile River Canyon rain forest and explore the enormous Nile River Cave system. You will view an ancient wonderland of stalactites and stalagmites & simply galaxies of glowworms.



From our Charleston Base travel to the Rainforest Train & through the primeval rainforest & towering limestone cliffs of the Nile River Canyon. A short walk from our Soft Rock Terminal will take you to the Triclops entrance of the enormous Nile River GlowWorm Cave. Explore an ancient wonderland sculptured in limestone complete with amazing formations. Visit a calcitic paradise in the Hall of Refugees before taking in the breath taking main entrance and the amazing glow worm galaxies illuminating the active streamways in the cave. Return through a labyrinth of large dry passages to our Base in awe at a journey through a natural undeveloped unspoilt cave in which it is possible to venture without specialised clothing or equipment.


7368 Camp Street, State Highway 6, Charleston, Charleston, New Zealand
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