SuperBrain ProductioNZ

SuperBrain ProductioNZ lives to help create events that will provide a lifetime of memories for all those who attended.

With over 30+ years of experience in Events, Live Theatre, Music and Festivals of a high standard the team at Superbrain ProductioNZ fully understand the high level of planning and logistics that are often easily overlooked when planning a spectacular, memorable event. And our experienced team is always prepared for any issues that may arise from such an undertaking.

We will take care of all your needs whether you need us to assist from planning all technical aspects of an event or to make your event shine with our extensive range of lighting and sound equipment. We can create any theme or ambience your event requires including design and build of set items to showcase your theme.

We have experience in all aspects of planning, logistics and the Tech and creativity required to make these awesome events stand out, all while running smoothly.

Live Events: SuperBrain is primarily a theatre performance company, with a reputation for quality premiere musical theatre

LoudMouth Performing Arts Festival: LoudMouth is the West Coast's only performing arts festival, encompassing theatre, music, comedy, dance and more

Event Design/Staging: SuperBrain can create a memorable experience forĀ  your guests / customers with design, lighting, and sound

Lighting Hire & Services: We have access to a range of lighting, effects, and technicians available for rent for your next event

Sound Hire & Services: We have access to a range of sound equipment and technicians available for rent for your next event


We have a clear understanding of what performers, musicians and participants require at an event and any lighting, set and audio is required to make things memorable.

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Our professional, creative team, experienced lighting and sound technicians, and wide range of cutting edge tech from Moving lights to projection mapping systems is of a standard rivaling any in the country, there are little or no requirement to hire equipment or labour from outside our region saving massively on costs, while in no way compromising on quality as we have the same and often more experience in the industry.

Combining this with our experience in theatre and in set design means we can design and build any items that may be required to suit not only your theme but to support our equipment in a visually pleasing way, no vision is too big or too small, this is an advantage over competitors as most would normally have to outsource for this.


Cary Lancaster ph: 0272459631


340 Main South Road, Paroa, Greymouth 7805