Explore an untamed natural wilderness with

Te Radar

We thought Radar would be just the type of person who would enjoy all that the West Coast has to offer. And it turned out we were right. From the stunning peaks above Fox Glacier to the iconic Pancake Rocks (and just about everything in between) Radar got to discover a few of the places that make the West Coast so unique.

Walking & Tramping

The West Coast has some of New Zealand's most spectacular wilderness walks with everything from a 15 minute dawdle to a fully fledged multi-day tramping adventure. No matter what you pick you can be sure you'll get more than your fair share of untamed natural wilderness!

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We asked Radar to explore the Coast, from its rainforest-clad top to its glacier-ridden bottom.

Now if getting out in nature is your thing, the West Coast is tough to beat. Whether it's towering mountains, enormous caves, nesting Kotuku, pancake, blue pools, glaciers or seal colonies, it's simply chock-ful of natural wonders and world-beating walking tracks to view them from.

In recent times the Coast has been home to a different kind of MAMIL. The lycra-clad kind... drawn here by the lure of conquering the legendary Old Ghost Road or basking in scenery, and surprisingly good coffee, along the West Coast Wilderness Trail.

Hidden around the Coast are more lakes and rivers than you can shake a fishing rod at. Whether you're a biscuit banging boaty or a sly fly fisher, you'll have no trouble getting your fill.

But if rough and ready outdoorsy stuff doesn't float your boat there's no need to despair. Glamping, boutique accommodation, hot pools, guided adventures and a tasty dose of traditional kiwi hospitality are all up for grabs too.

But isn't the Coast hard to get to, cut off from civilisation by the majestic Southern Alps? Lemons, meet lemonade.

Getting here is the best part. Whether you fly, drive or take the train from Christchurch, you're in for one of New Zealand's most majestic journeys.

When you get down to it there just aren't many places left like the West Coast.

The West Coast - it's an Untamed Natural Wilderness.