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Shantytown Heritage Park

About the deal

From nothing, Shantytown now flourishes amongst vibrant rainforest. Where gold hatters and saw-millers formerly toiled for a living. An entire township hand-built to preserve the 19th century West Coast experience.

Native birds flourish to the point of near nuisance, the sulphurous scent of ancient marine life billows forth from hissing steam locomotives, alluvial flakes shimmer in the bottom of every gold pan, and old shop doors are prized wide open for your interest.

Cinch up your bowyangs and come get a feel for the TRUE West Coast story!

Includes entry for two adults and up to four children PLUS four Gold Panning Experiences!

Couples: Save up to 15% off with a Couple’s Full Experience!

Includes entry for two adults, Gold Panning for two, one Old Time Photo and hot drinks from our cafe!

New Opening Hours: 10am-3pm.

Our steam trains are running during the School Holidays and then heading back into the workshop for maintenance. Train trips will alternatively be provided by our heritage Diesel Shunting Locomotive.

Trips will now be running at 11am, 12:30pm & 2pm.


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