A Little Blue - Children's book

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A Little Blue is a children's picture book for all ages. A Little Blue is a tender story about a young boy who finds himself in an isolated place on the West Coast of Te Wai Pounamu. It isn't until he discovers the kororā , little blue penguins nesting right under the floor of his bedroom that things begin to change. The kororā are on the threatened species list, this story is one way we can help change that.

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Meet the Maker

Jeanette Goode

Jeanette Goode author illustrator publisher/distributor of A Little Blue Jeanette lives in Charleston on the West Coast of the South Island close to a colony of kororā, little blue penguins. When she realised the kororā were in serious danger at points where they intersect with humans, especially beaches, she decided to write a story that would help inform and educate adults and children about how we can help to protect them.

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