Brand Resources

On this page you'll find our core brand resources. We love to see our brand used to promote our spectacular region - all we ask is that you use any resources in accordance with our brand guidelines.


Our brand is a collection of experiences that create an image of the West Coast in the minds of our stakeholders.

An important part of creating a strong brand resides in the name, logo, advertising and communication. Our reputation and personality is also based on people’s experience, from the quality of our products, to interactions with our staff and operators.

Every experience contributes to this impression. Therefore we all have an important role in managing and implementing our brand and building the reputation of the West Coast domestically and internationally.

Brand Standards Manual

Ensuring consistency is really important when creating and promoting a brand. This set of guidelines will help you know how to use the brand in different situations. Please do your best to follow all the guidelines.

Logo Files

At the core of the brand is our new logo. This is available in multiple versions. Please consult the brand guidelines to know which to use in each situation.

To download a logo file simply right click on it and save it to your computer.

Primary Logo

West Coast untamed natural wilderness square logo


Our new tagline sums up what the West Coast is about and what is has to offer. You can download the lock up below by right clicking and saving it to your computer.

Untamed Natural Wilderness Colour brand


If you need other versions of our brand resources or have any questions about how to use them,contact us and we'll be happy to help.

We would also love to hear from you if you have decided to use our logo in your branding.

Our branding is already set up by Signlink Graphics