Education to Employment

Helping ākonga, our students and school leavers

Education to employment connects ākonga to the world of work across the West Coast, helping our youth to be better informed and prepare for their future.

DISCOVER – what their possibilities are – what they are passionate about, what careers and jobs are out there.

EXPLORE – what opportunities exist for them – what they like to study, what industries and jobs might interest them.

CONNECT – see the world of work – getting insight into what jobs do, and sometimes work experience or on the job learning.

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Leaving School? What's next?

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Latham Martin - Vocational Coordinator

Latham has a range of experience working with youth across education, local government, industry and community service. Latham’s role is to raise the profile and strengthen the pipeline of students coming into the vocational education system.

Latham has a focus on increasing levels of youth employment and decreasing the numbers of youth 'Not in Education Employment or Training' within the West Coast region by improving access to vocational educational prospects for future careers in trade.

Being born and raised on the West Coast, Latham is passionate about supporting and developing opportunities for all rangatahi to achieve success. Latham is responsible for the delivery of the West Coast Education to Employment Pathways Project.

Ph: 027 252 0165

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Pathways Advisors

The goals of the Pathways Advisor roles are:

  • To strengthen support to students and youth that are not in education, employment or training, to achieve greater engagement in education and employment, with the aim of supporting sustainable careers for youth and regional economic prosperity.
  • The Pathways Advisors will support the Education-to-Employment Brokerage (EEB) service within the region.
  • An outcome will be increased levels of youth employment and a decrease in the numbers of youth Not in Education Employment or Training (NEET).

Yvonne Simpson

Pathways Advisor Project Coordinator
Education to Employment

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Jenny Keogan

Pathways Advisor
Westland and Grey District NEETs, South Westland Area School, John Paul II High School

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