Blackball Black Garlic


Gift Description

Regular black garlic:

Nothing added except time and heat to force the reaction that turns normal white garlic into the special black garlic everybody knows and loves. 


Manuka smoked black garlic:

The same cooking process with the product being smoked at the end giving a whole extra element to the flavour profile. 


Meet The Makers

Sam Weston & Wayne Hanright

Wayne moved to Blackball from Christchurch 31 years ago, while Sam, who grew up with a family bach in Blackball, moved there from Christchurch around three years ago.

The two came up with the idea for Blackball Black Garlic over a cold beer in one of the town's three pubs.

The location of Blackball Black Garlic on the West Coast is integral to its identity. Sam explains that the relaxed, nature-filled lifestyle on the Coast is perfect for their business.

What is your favourite thing to do on the West Coast during the holidays?

We like to do things in the outdoors, fishing hunting etc. We are also both avid gardeners which keeps us very busy.

Favourite Christmas eats and drinks on the West Coast?

Cant go past a cold Steinlager at the Hilton with a great feed or a platter with friends with blackball salami and black garlic.