Gift Description

This mentorship teaches you how to claim the life you desire through mindset, movement & and motivation. Increase your vilatity and witness your business thrive with ease! This mentorship was intentionally designed for women who want to gain clarity in life & business. Through a range of tools and techniques you will be guided through reflection and the building blocks to self-development deeply rooted in your values. Balancing your wellness and ensuring you are leading with courage to make bold change in your business.

This mentorship has been consciously created as a support space for you to:

  • Build a healthy relationship with self.
  • Grow confidence through conscious decision-making.
  • Release expectations of self and others.
  • Balance business and your personal wellness.
  • Grow beyond mental limitations.

MTM is 6-months of personal guidance through voice messenger for real time responses, video, in-person and online connection.

You are the right fit for this mentorship if you want:

  • More clarity in mind.
  • Better ways to cope with the effects of stress, anxiety and fear.
  • Less overthinking and overwhelm.
  • Enhanced sense of self.
  • Restful sleep.

What you get:

  • X2 1:1 session per month (fortnightly).
  • Online access to Studio and resources.
  • VM Coaching through Voxer Tues-Thurs.

Meet The Maker

Asti’s journey through to entrepreneurship has been one of self-discovery and a continuous opening to opportunities that arise. “I believe that people make a place and know learning is limitless in the 21st century.” - Asti states. A diverse upbringing on the West Coast of the South Island, a place of continuous adventure and growth led Asti to discovered how the support of the community can positively influence perceptions. Asti prides herself on the fundamental value of Wairuatanga (spirit-led). From her experience in business and being over the past 7 years she knows that this form of connection is always supporting, soothing and seeking spaciousness to expand.

Favourite thing to do on the West Coast during the Christmas holidays?

My favourite thing to do on the West Coast is swim in the ocean topped off by a coffee at DP1!

Favourite Christmas eats and drinks on the West Coast?

The Sandwich Shop in Hokitika for a quality sammy. Defiantly DP1 for coffee and local catch ups!

Asti - Hauora Coaching (Meet the Maker)
Astiana Trouland