Moonlight Healing - Lavender balm

Gift Description

Lavender Balm - This home grown created balm is made for you to use on your skin:

  • Relaxes the body, mind and soul invoking sleep.
  • Heals cuts and bruises.
  • Lovely on sore bones.

Lavender balm is made of lavender essential oil (distilled from moonlight healings garden). The garden has been grown especially for these products mixed with bees wax sourced from a beekeeper in the north island, Vit E and organic olive oil. Lavenders wisdom is to heal and stimulate new skin cells while soothing the nervous system.

Pricing and Purchase info:

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Meet The Maker

Hi I'm Laksmi, the soul owner of moonlight healing . My bussness is a hands on practise as a body therapist and wellbeing product producer all my products are home growen ..and processed with my hands to bring to you skincare and herbal products that will help you to heal free and connect in body mind and soul

What is your favourite thing to do on the West Coast during the Christmas holidays?

Swim, yoga and be in this wonderful rain forest we live in.

Favourite Christmas eats and drinks on the West Coast?

Priya Indian Resturant and my garden.