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Mugwort - Healing Balm

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New Zealand grown plant based green products.

Flax Woven Lifestyle items

  • Creating unique, hand crafted flax products pursuing practical use and simplicity with ecological concept and durable with no waste.
  • Tissue Cover - $59
  • Wall Hanging Tissue Cover - $69
  • Large Handy Basket - $77

New Zealand grown Mugwort Healing Balm

  • Mugwort is traditional super herbs, They are beloved ingredient in Japan and Korea, China for cooking, bath, and Moxibustion etc.
  • You can use as lip balm, for cuts and insect bites and as a moisturiser.
  • Ingredients carefully selected - organic NZ grown mugwort, organic olive oil and natural beewax.
  • Mugwort Healing Balm from $8

Meet the Maker

Hiroe Araki-Kerr

My background is in the design industry in Japan, working as a graphic designer at an AD agency and a sock designer at an apparel company in Tokyo. While I enjoyed this work and the experience, they were both mass-produced industries, and I often found myself thinking from a different perspective. I think we are losing so many fantastic crafts in many countries due to industrial revolution.

When I moved to New Zealand, I had opportunity to learn flax weaving. It reminded me that I have always been inspired by “The Arts and Crafts Movement” by William Morris. The West Coast has one of the richest resources of flax and I enjoy using this material for my creations. Each woven craft product I make is unique! My design focus is on practical use and simplicity.

What is your favourite thing to do on the West Coast during the Christmas holidays?

Swimming in the river around Charleston.

Favourite Christmas eats and drinks on the West Coast?

Real fruit ice cream and mint mojito.

Meet the Maker - Hiroe Araki-Kerr