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Gift Description

Morning Moves membership helps busy humans who feel out of balance by empowering them to take ownership of their inner wellbeing. Being lead through a morning movement class, ensures you show up for your self before anyone else in your day, helping elevate your energy and feel empowered to live a vibrant, harmonious life.

The magic ingredient to this membership is you have Asti, Hannah and an incredible community to keep you accountable, with 4 live classes a week starting at 6:15am from Tuesday - Friday each week. Let this be your medicine to a healthy morning ritual. You also have access to a growing library of pre-recorded yoga flows, workouts, meditations, breath work and workshops


  • Tuesday and Thursday - Hannah will lead you through a yoga practice
  • Wednesday and Friday - Asti will lead you through a movement class.

We want to make yoga and movement accessible to everyone, & we know its not always easy to get along to a class in person. So with the help of the online world, we have created this container for you to access your practice at a time that suits you.


  • Morning Moves Membership - $44 per month
  • On Demand Member - $15 per month

Meet The Makers

HANNAH - Yoga instructor, Creative Movement Facilitator, Intuitive Massage Therapist.

Growing up on the wild West Coast ignited her passion and curiosity to weave a holistic pathway towards living a vibrant and healthy life. She loves to combine her adventurist spirit with her health and wellbeing skills by using creative play and movement practices including yoga & dance. To bring people home to their own body, empowering connection with self and the natural world around us;


As the founder of Hauora Coaching, she envisions a world where everyone has the tools to manage stress and improve their own life. Her vision is to help create a culture where individuals' health & wellbeing is considered first and foremost.

What is your favourite thing to do on the West Coast during the Christmas holidays?

Swimming in the beautiful pounamu coloured rivers and surfing in the ocean.

Favourite Christmas eats and drinks on the West Coast?

Whanake Cafe in Westport.

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