Duncan Cotterill Large Enterprise Award: Finalist 2018: Martin and Co Mitre 10

Crombie Lockwood Medium Enterprise Award Finalist

Martin and Co Mitre10 Westport

We are a family-run hardw.are and building supplies retailer. We have been a part of the Mitre 10 franchise since 1976 and have operated under the family ownership since 1928. The fourth generation of our family is now involved in management.

The store has operated as Martin and Co since 1896 - that's over 120 years of supporting the community. Our aim is to continue to provide excellent customer service, support our team, support our community and keep our people and customers safe. We are 100% locally owned and operated. This enables us to make our own decisions on the ground and to support the community through a variety of organisations and groups.

Martin & Co Mitre 10: 2018 Leading Light Large Enterprise winner

Congratulations to Martin and Co Mitre 10 in Westport, NZ for winning the Duncan Cotterill Large Enterprise Award at the 2018 Development West Coast Leading Light Business Excellence Awards. #WestCoastBusinessStories #WestCoastNZ

Posted by Development West Coast on Tuesday, November 6, 2018