ElectroNet Group - Finalist 2022

Finalist - Duncan Cotterill Large Enterprise Award

Recognising enterprises with 25 or more full time employees that demonstrate business excellence.

ElectroNet Group

Locally owned Electricity Network Company, Westpower, is parent to the ElectroNet Group, which consists of four electro-technology companies, including an electrical engineering consultancy and contracting businesses.

"Earlier this year, new technology developed by the ElectroNet Group, via the ElectroNet Technology company (ETech), won the Safeguard Award for Best Use of Innovation in a NZ Design or Technology to eliminate/manage risk, and was finalist in the NZ Energy Excellence Awards for the same innovation. These achievements align with our vision to be leaders in electrical energy and technology, and our purpose to provide sustainable electrical solutions which enhance communities. ConductorDown is a revolutionary new IoT based high-voltage line protection system that is able to detect downed-conductor open-circuit faults that cannot be detected by currently available protection technologies. This is a challenging public safety problem faced by electricity distribution businesses around the world. ConductorDown may well represent a world-first solution to a previously intractable problem."