Isaac Construction Ltd - Liddell Contracting Division - Finalist 2022

Duncan Cotterill Large Enterprise Award Finalist

Recognising enterprises with 25 or more full time employees that demonstrate business excellence.

Isaac Construction Limited - Liddell Contracting Division

Isaac Construction, Liddell Contracting and Simcox Construction are all part of the Isaac Group of companies, offering a wide array of civil construction and infrastructure services.

"We do it for the right reasons and exist to sustain one of New Zealand’s longest established conservation trusts. We have over 70 years’ experience in civil construction, operating throughout the South Island. Conservation and the protection of endangered species has seen the creation of Peacock Springs, a unique and world leading quarry restoration wildlife habitat, covering 1100 hectares of land on the outskirts of Christchurch. The facility is home to a number of species including; Kakī (Black Stilt), Pāteke (Brown Teal), Kākāriki Karaka (Orange Fronted Parakeet), Tūturuatu (Shore Plover), and Whio (Blue Duck). Our vision at Liddell Contracting is to continually upskill our staff and demonstrate our civil structures capability across the wider South Island; whilst maintaining our homebase on the West Coast."